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Friday, July 28, 2006

SabayonLinux interview

This week, an interview with Sabayon (previously RR4/RR64 - a distro with a lot of recent attention) was posted on the Dot. Whereas I've done the previous interviews, this one was done by Henrik Nordin.

I bring up this article for two reasons. First, I hope that readers are finding the interviews enjoyable and that the interviews are mutually beneficial (for both readers and distros). Please remember that the interviews stand on their own, but they are also initial steps in a larger strategy of relationship management that the Marketing Team is working on. More on that later.

Second, thanks to Henrik for his ongoing work. He's been very helpful and consistent in planning and working together on these activities with us. Because some individuals aren't as visible on blogs and mailing lists (and I'm sure many of you wish that I'd be *less* visible), they may not be recognizable names to many - but they're still being productive. Thanks Henrik!


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