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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Red Flag Linux and regional thoughts

The other day, I posted a brief introductory interview with Huang JianZhong of Red Flag Linux to the Dot.

What are good signs that people have a lot of curiosity about the Linux/KDE/China/Red Flag combination? First, within 24 hours the interview was on the front page of digg.com, an extremely popular site (millions of users) where stories are driven by user voting. Second, plenty of comments in the Dot story forum were looking for more details and more insight.

It's hard not to be impressed and interested in any Distro that annually distributes (yes, put your pinky to your mouth like Dr. Evil) one million copies.

In addition to Red Flag in China, we will also be reaching out to other Asian distros such as Berry, Turbolinux, Haansoft and Tomahawk computers.

If that weren't enough, we recently had Eva and others at LinuxWorld in Korea.

Still not enough? Pradeepto Bhattacharya of India recently joined the eV posse and has been doing great work for a while now. Community building continues to gain momentum in India.

What to make from all of this? Well, hopefully people will be discussing these very topics at the upcoming aKademy (you have registered, right?).

From technical topics such as fonts in Qt, to cultural topics on how to approach relationships, there's a lot to cover and a lot to learn. The spike in interest on digg for the Red Flag interview reinforces my belief that plenty of people are curious about Asia and Open Source. Exciting stuff!


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