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Monday, July 10, 2006

GUADEC results

I'd like to congratulate our friends at GNOME for their recent GUADEC conference. I've heard nothing but great things about the planning and execution of their event. It's funny how their blog site has just completed the standard cycle of 1) Getting excited to travel 2) This is awesome/funny photos 3) This sucks, not looking forward to travel back home 4) Silence/recuperation 5) Recaps 6) Right back to technical posts.

Note on 5) above, all the gnome bloggers were dead on target when discussing how it's all about the community and attendees - the family atmosphere. You're hearing the same message from KDE Core Four attendees. I can't wait to see how Tink, Marcus Furlong and associates get aKademy ready for us. I'm registered attendee #31. Do you have your number yet?

Update: Speaking of GNOME, here's a recent article posted on LXer that I read. If you persevere and can actually get through the 12,000 blinking page advertisements, you'll find Rule #2 applies here. Finally, media outlets are starting to get it and reporting on proper marketing/strategy: Open source initiatives aren't competing with each other. It makes a great news story, but not much more. We're collaborating: competing with/offering alternatives to a traditional (and somewhat broken) OS delivery model. Thanks to LXer for posting a story that points this fact out.


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