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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Relative triathlon success

Last Saturday, triathlon day, it hit 100 F. Brutal. I've never tried to run in such temperatures, let alone as hard as I can. 2,800 participants were signed up for various courses (that's massive), and the event was filmed and will be televised (to be shown on NBC 7/29).

Brief recap: Even though I got no sleep due to nerves, had to wake up at 5:30am to go sign-up and check in, and had to wait nearly 3 hours to start, I felt pretty decent on race day.

The swim was tougher than I expected, I rocked the bike (came in 23nd overall), and the run was just painful. Plenty of fire trucks and ambulances helping people who just couldn't make it. In fact, many ended up walking much of the running course.

Some hi-res photos show me feeling good at the start, but after the finish, I'm wondering why the hell I didn't stay in bed and watch cartoons that morning. Overall, I finished 80th (out of 1,100 on the sprint course).

Some inspirational stories involve an 88-year old woman doing the triathlon with her son, and differently-abled athletes out in force.

Dumb enough to try this again? You bet. Next triathlon is on July 30th.


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