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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Have a fun trip - and don't forget to write!

I'm sure everyones' parents have said that at some point, whether you're going on vacation, heading off to school, or heading off to the Norwegian woods to work on KDE libraries. Dear old mom will always put an extra serving of love in the apple pie she's mailing to you if she knows her children are properly implementing facade and decorator patterns. Oh mom!

So don't forget why you're there (to churn out great code and that top secret intervention for sansiego), but also don't forget those not lucky enough to attend. The blogs are starting off quite well, keep it up!

One last word of caution: As is the case with most dignitaries and embassadors, top levels officials do not fly or stay together, for fear of losing too much knowledge in the event of an accident/attack. Heck, even at Accenture while I was there, this policy was in place. So, with so much KDE mindshare in one location, please try to refrain from causing an international crisis or blowing each other up with home made explosives. Thanks in advance.


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