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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

*IG / *WG

It definitely puts a bounce in my step to see strides being made in understanding how to improve and update the KDE HIG.

Further, we have great progress on icons and hopefully in turn our CIG. Planning and preparation gave focus to the Oxygen team, and this last week we saw the first results in SVN as reported in Danny Allen's great commit digest.

I'm crossing my fingers, but the timing might just turn out well that as developers port their apps to Qt4 and prepare for KDE 4, we might have some HIG/CIG guidelines thanks to the HCI WG, direction and guidance from the Technical WG and awareness by the Marketing WG. Hopefully a lot of app maintainers will find it second nature to do some HIG/CIG work as they revise things.

Remember, we're participative in nature, so you only have to ask!

Side note: Referencing seele's blog, I just saw the the Crystal Method on 6/3 in Minneapolis. They did not suck.


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