Kommandeering Developers Everywhere

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I've been dealing with their software
since I was seventeen.
When they say they're well connected,
I finally know just what they mean.
Their maintenance of monopoly
hasn't turned out like they'd planned.
And adhering to published standards
is something they'll never understand.

My apologies to Steely Dan, but I was listening to these lyrics when I read this article.

Just as stalking someone was a heck of a lot easier before the advent of Caller ID, lying to people was a heck of a lot easier before mass communication on the interweb. My goodness, seven billion just doesn't buy insight like it used to.

It's getting to the point that making fun of MS is not like shooting fish in a barrel. It's now like looking at fish in a barrel. Or simply knowing that there are fish in a barrel. They maintain dominance through only inertia and lock-in. They can publish any specification but publish none.

If they're truly interested in interoperability and communication, they can begin with my amazingly simple S(simple)T(ransfer)F(ile)U(pload) protocol. Is it approved? Heck, even the Pope loved it.


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