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Monday, March 06, 2006

Cheerleader for a Day

No, this not a reference to a new Fox sitcom. Or that outfit you keep hidden behind your winter coats.

It's about you, and helping KDE promo to gather information. So take some time today and give us some feedback on IRC (#kde-promo) or on our mailing list about:

* An event calendar: We're collecting and compiling data about events that pertain to KDE. In your region/country, what upcoming events in 2006 need to be considered? Send as much information as you can (identification and logistics), but even the name/date/URL will allow us to learn more and research.

If you've attended in the past, any veteran tips (deadlines, key contacts, materials, etc) are appreciated. It not only helps everyone better prepare for that event in particular, but lends to best practices as well.

* Desktop Linux Summit: In particular, I'll be at this conference on April 24-25 and KDE has the opportunity for a booth. But apart from my parole officer, I all alone thusfar.

Are you able to attend? Do you know others who are? Let me know (kde-promo mailing list is fine) as soon as you can; the clock is ticking. Although my MWG cape does grant certain minor super powers, running the show alone is indeed daunting and unadvisable.


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