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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Perfect Timing - AKademy

A fresh announcement for AKademy in Dublin two days before Saint Patrick's Day? Nicely done.

I propose that we always coordinate such releases in the future. Want to announce an event in Paris? Sorry, you have to wait until Valentine's Day. Anxious to talk about Linuxworld Boston? Too late, you should have sent something out around Thanksgiving.

Back to the AKademy topic, top-notch artwork by Ken, don't you think? Now, I've never been excited by the KDE default font, but...what can you do. Awesome work - reserve a shirt or three for me.

This AKademy will also be the first to bring the new Working Groups together (hey, welcome to the new HCI WG!), celebrate the 10th anniversary of KDE, and ready an upcoming release that a few people are thinking about.


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