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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Aaaand I'm number two

Like many of you, I get to be tech support to my friends and family. As far as most of my family is concerned, I work with computers. And stuff. Probably technical stuff.

Well, that all changed recently.

My aunt is going to be remarried this summer, and I've met the incoming relative-to-be, and he's quite nice. Apparently he also works with computers. And stuff.

I'm lucky enough to have some relatives from Scotland visting this week, so I got to see my family last night. In talking with my aunt, I got to learn that her new beau works at IBM. And not scrubbing urinals or shoveling out the parking lot.

No, something a tad more technically sophisticated: The Blue Gene project.

That's just cool. I can't wait to see him to 1) talk about when I get to take a facility tour and 2) turn over my "Tech Support" badge to the New Guy (tm).

Oh, and I'll probably ask if WebSphere Application Server starts up in under 5 minutes on it.


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