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Thursday, April 06, 2006


As some random dude mentioned in a recent blog entry, there was some scheming, teaming and daydreaming recently on the #kde-promo channel.

Was this group brought together by a meeting notice? No. Was there a grandoise plan to accomplish a specific set of tasks? Not really. Did we have user profiles and marketing materials and a unified vision of branding? No. Was it really anything more than a bunch of people together blurting out ideas and joking around? Nope.

But that's the beauty of that episode. We had 15 people active and joking around. An IRC channel (#kde-promo) and a mailing list (kde-promo@kde.org) that continues to undergo rebirth. That day, we didn't have to necessarily accomplish anything - having a group of people kick around ideas and enjoying each other's company was more than enough.

The good news? Diversity. You're just as likely to meet talented marketing types (Tom or Claire) as you are someone from the Oxygen team (Nuno or Ken) as you are someone from Plasma (Aaron or Matt or Ryan) as you are someone who helps with documentation and articles and everything in between (Jes Hall) as you are new talent (Henrik) as you are KDE celebrities (yes, you Tink) as you are someone from KOffice fame (Inge).

What's not important is that we had 15 people discussing KDE 4 ideas, it's that we had 15 people discussing KDE 4 ideas.


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