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Monday, November 28, 2005

Should I hope for console success?

(1) My blogs failing at humor and (2) the current U.S. administration fumbling yet another issue. Few other things in life are simple and black and white. Oh, and the tee-shirt that reads, "There's only 10 types of people in this world: those that understand binary and those that don't."

For those that have had the pleasure of taking statistics courses, or philosophy, or hell, if you've even watched "The People's Court", you start looking at everything in terms of strata and continuums. After a while, everything seems to be a bell-curve. Or Chi-square for those twisted individuals.

In this instance, I'm thinking about people who play video games on computers. Some like old school emulator games through MAME clones, some like the latest and greatest (oof..greatest is opinion here) FPS games or eye-candy games. And some simply like to play MS Solitaire or Tux games. And of course, the majority of people may play all of the above to varying degrees or none at all.

Now, I'm not interested in discussing which games are better for PCs (needing keyboards) and which for consoles now. And assuming that the nirvana of all new games being created totally cross-platform and in OpenGL and immediately available for Mac/BSD/Linux is a couple of months away. And people buying such games in droves and proving the value to the vendors is a couple of months away.

Just the simple observation that a sizeable group of people may not try Linux on their main machine due to the inability to play games. But the better and more prevalent the consoles, the more some of those people may try KDE (no, not discussing dual-booting or WINE/CodeWeavers stuff here).

So, will I do calculations and determine that I'll root 19.4% for Nintendo, 12.3% for Sony and -6.2% for MS? No. But I'll recognize that other tech events can still somehow benefit desktop adoption. Not a perfect world, but if it gets me closer to running Plasma on a Cell processor system, I'll take little victories where I can get them.


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