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Friday, October 21, 2005

Last OSDW post...I promise

HOW: The OSDW conference happened only because certain people put in a lot of worked and some companies understood the value and helped sponsor the event.

WHEN: OSDW was held recently on October 13-14th. Future workshops have not been announced publically to my knowledge.

WHY: Because, as referenced in my interview with aseigo, there is plenty of interest in learning more about OSS and developing cross-platform applications. And hopefully the positive response from attendees bolstered that stance.

WHO: Who's interested? Students, professors, Linspire employees, local businesses, OSS contributors. There was a good mix of attendees. Fewer lonely supermodels than I would have expected, but there's always something to build on.

WHERE: At Linspire's office in Sunny San Diego. For those that haven't had the fortune of spending time in La Jolla, a suburb about 15 minutes North of San Diego where Linspire is located, it doesn't suck (tm).

CONCLUSION: IMHO, the very first and hopefully nowhere near last OSDW went smoothly. The host (Linspire) really helped make a professional conference and the KDE contributors that I met (Aaron/George/Matt1/Matt2/Ryan/Adam/Ian/etc) reinforced my belief that KDE is in good hands.

My only problems:
* I always want to say OSDW workshop, but that redundant like saying PIN number. Somebody is to blame here, and I want answers.
* I didn't get to properly pay off my promised bar tab debt to Matt and Ryan. Somewhere, sometime though, they will wake up on a park bench, and know it was because of me.
* I forgot how much I missed San Diego. Now like Ed Norton in Fight Club, I have to look for excuses to go back there. Seminars on growing old gracefully, lung cancer, quilting, or Chinese Star Throwing Certification...whatever it takes to get me back.


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