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Friday, October 28, 2005

My own porting effort.

The internal plumbing is rough. Rewiring needs to be done. Total cobwebs. A Clawhammer will speed things up. Tons of garbage collection taking place.

Is Wade finally shutting up and helping with the QT4 port? Nope, I'm talking about finally beginning to work on my basement. I'm remodeling an old Victorian house, and the basement is beyond description. Let's just say it's very appropriate that I begin this job right around Halloween. But with heating costs in the US, time is short to get some better insulation in place.

So even though it'll be fantastic out this weekend (65 and sunny in Minneapolis - Global warming will make Minneapols the Miami of the 22nd century - my house may yet be oceanside!) I'll be in the basement taking out my frustrations with a 30 pound maul. Not many ways to use that legally.

Two dumpsters in my driveway, so if you need to throw out any QT3 code or "Gnome Sweet Gnome" buttons or SCO training manuals, stop on by - plenty of room.


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