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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Please think twice

Now, I'm all for innovation. And the KDE community has loads of creativity and talent.

But from a marketing and public relations perspective, if any one is planning on creating an open source rootkit that secretly installs itself, misuses licensed encoders, silently manipulates system files, calls out to specific external servers and allows itself to be a broker for trojan attacks by virus writers...I'd ask you to reconsider. There are better uses of time. Thanks in advance!

As a note: I have contracted out to Sony in the past, under their CRT division. Just like any large corporation, the big silos know little about each others' day-to-day activities. I found the Sony folks in that division to be awesome, although we weren't allowed the same office freedoms as the Evercrack/quest office about 4 miles away (Seigo and Staikos stayed about 5 blocks from their offices while in San Diego).

I'm sure the PS3 team is less than pleased about these developments in light of the pending 360 release and Microsoft's new involvement in controlling this rootkit. Good times.


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