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Monday, October 31, 2005

Porting effort results

2 dumpsters (3 cubic yards each) filled in 2 hours. I'm going to need about 10 more at this rate - my house must have been silently amused at my feeble attempt to rid it of debris.

A basement room I previously thought was empy is filled with wood. Wood? Yes, wood. Like a couple of 2X4s? No, not like a couple of 2X4s. Like Noah's Ark has been found. Like several tons of wood. How did I not know about this room? Because I had to clear 10 piles of junk to get to this pile. The real world analog to fixing a compile error that allows you to see 5 new errors.

So what to do. Could I build a new ark to prepare for global warming? Probably. Could I make a new KDE HQ as a huge tree house? Yeah, I'd guess. Could I make a massive rickety Trojan Rabbit to catapult into the Gnome camp? Now we're talking.


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