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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Check out my 24" rims!

In Anywhere, USA on a weekend night, the scene is probably the same. One main street, and people cruising back in forth. Seeing and being seen. In big cities, the bar districts are still similar. Gridlock caused by those going to bars and those with no plans going into bars. Massive stereos, massive rims and wheels, massive LCD panels, massive neon lights.

Also known as: peacock feathers for the naked ape. We don't have fur or feathers, so we have to make due with expensive clothes, jewelry, make-up and signs of wealth like cars in the mating game. A recent story in CNN lists a polling result (if you dare trust CNN numbers) that 85% of men and 95% of women consider a man's car an important factor in dating. Ah, how the automakers have us seduced.

So, while being irritated by hearing various craptastic rap music songs overlapping each other in a duel for airwave supremecy, my friends and I might very well discuss: what is this all for? From the men's side of the attraction game, what part is to show off to other men, and what part is to show off to women? I'd like to think that the fairer sex is bright enough to avoid choosing a mate by the amount of bright green light bathing the underside of his vehicle; and that such fads would fade over time. But alas, the men get positive feedback and the cycle continues. Both genders: guilty as charged.

Which brings me to Jess Hall's post. Now I don't know her, and I don't need to defend her. But I do ask myself: Is there any documented evidence in the history of online communities where a male asked "you're a chick? OMG MARRY ME" and the female responded "Yes, I've been dying to accept the proposal of an unknown person! Let's do this!"

I'd hope that most of such rude comments are done by bored preteens or those outside the community. But like my speculation and hypotheses above, I might well be disappointed. Now, social graces may not be a strong suit for men in technical fields. However, speaking to those suave and debonaire casanovas:

If you pride yourself on having any logic or ability to reason, try some introspection and ask: Why am I saying this? Do I really think a female with find this flattering? Do I really think it's original? Do I expect a positive response? Do other people do this in KDE, or will I ultimately be perceived as a jackass?

If you've ever met someone named Richard Hurtz and narrowly avoided the obvious quip because you know that person's has undoubtedly head the same comment thousands of times, apply a little inductive reasoning and expand your ability to filter the obvious. If you've asked "You're a girl? Pics pls" and every one of them was uncomfortable, do what every mammal is capable of, and learn from the experience.

Of course, if that line has worked in the past for you, my sympathies to the female. Most likely, you had another bored preteen just like yourself send you photos of a supermodel. You fell for it yet again. If someone has better luck with the ladies from putting shiny wheels on their car, it's time to rethink things in your life.

So, if you want to keep females away and hinder KDE community growth, you're doing a great job. This topic has been covered in the past, and I'd hope it's not repeated in the future. Jess Hall is obviously someone with talent and integrity. And here's the bonus: She decides to help KDE. The fact that she has to publicly post on this topic (again) is absurd and depressing.

The Marketing Working Group is going to have one fun time pitching KDE as a force to be reckoned with when any potential client/alliance/partner has any access to the such juvenile behavior. From a business perspective, IRC channels and blog sites are KDE's conference rooms and office bulletin boards. You'd be fired for harrassment and/or losing client accounts, take your pick. Personally it's wrong, and professionally it's wrong. My time is limited, but I'll start an AKWG (@$$ Kicking Working Group) if there's the interest and need. Maybe the public humiliation route is the next step: calling out the worst offenders.


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