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Monday, August 14, 2006

The Two Step OS install (tm)

I took Stephan Binner up on his offer to download the Suse 10.1 VMWare image. Downloading a single file (instead of multiple installation disks of the same size) and bypassing an installation. In less than two hours I was staring at a new Suse desktop. 1) Download image. 2) Launch VMWare with the image. Even Wade with the help of only 32 trained support specialists can accomplish this (I always work with teams in binary-friendly amounts).

Virtualization is like watching a magician while drunk (don't ask). I'm endlessly baffled and impressed. How can you ever get tired of the benefits and convenience? I haven't spent too much time on this image yet, but it looks like it has some security niceties as well (cautious javascript/cookie settings).

Now, if this were the RIAA/MPAA, we'd be busting people for downloading such binary files. Music files are set in value by iTunes at a buck. And they're suing dead people and their families.

Here, people are offering pre-configured and packaged operating systems. Good times. As people continue to migrate to linux/bsd on the server and desktop, don't think such "try before you buy" strategies won't become more common place. Even when the eventual "buy" is $0. (for currency conversions, that's also 0 euro and 0 yen. It's 3 pesos though....weird.)

On a related front, such a rapid image release (KDE 3.5.4 and KOffice 1.5.2) makes me smile for eventual KDE 4 testing. Live CDs, Klik packages, free NX remote logins, and VMWare images will all hopefully make our next major release with associated applications the best tested yet.


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