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Thursday, August 03, 2006

aKademy/Akademy/aKaDeMy 2007

Regardless of your spelling, Tink is right and it's definitely time to think about next year's event. Who knows, maybe every aKademy should have a BoF to take about the n+1 aKademy.

As Tink mentioned, and as you can well imagine, plenty of businesses run a calendar-based financial year (meaning Jan-Dec as opposed to Apr-Apr), and so they would budget and esimate through Q3 and finalize in Q4, which is the very time we're entering right now. Our aKademy team has been very diligent and tenacious for this year, but we didn't exactly set them up for success (buzzphrase++). It's more being tardy this year than being too eager for next year.

So, I'd like to reaffirm her request to start thinking about next year. Especially those that proposed 2006 hosting options and feel that next year will also be viable and an attractive option. Will it get scandalous like the Olympic IOC, with potential host cities bribing our aKademy committee for the potential prestige of hosting the KDE community? Who knows. We can only hope.

Please note that on the gnome side of things, several recent blogs discuss a chosen time and location for GUADEC 2007.


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