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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Fundraiser Halo Effect

Now, based on most internet news stories, you shouldn't use the term "halo effect" without referring to an iPod. And according to most teenagers, I should instead use the word "affect" instead. And acording to Alanis Morissette, I should misuse the term completely. Great news Alanis, this isn't really a halo effect by definition, but it's also not like a traffic jam when you're already late.

Why am I using the term "halo effect" in reference to the hardware fundraiser 5 weeks ago? Because the initial fundraiser was originally intended for a week, but we're still seeing the effects of heightened donations for August. Further, anyone who gives to a non-profit or charity (whether KDE or otherwise) is at least temporarily angelic in my book. Maybe for a next fundraiser we can give out halos shaped like gears?

Twenty days into August, and we've received nearly 1,500 euros (that in part to a very large singular donation) already. Well above the monthly averages before the hardware fundraiser.

Thanks to individuals and organizations alike for their rcent donations. Within the next day or two, you'll get an update on the Dot about how our new bugs.kde.org server is progressing.

UPDATE: Stupid blogging software! Blogspot decided to move my acount to some new beta version. Which of course means "ruin everything." I apologize for the flood of unformatted entries. I'll work with clee to clean this mess up.


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