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Monday, October 17, 2005


After a blustery and bumpy red-eye flight, I find myself back in the land of 10,000 Lakes (Minnesota); with coffee in hand, I will now begin half-heartedly reading over hundreds of unread and unloved personal and private emails.

In short: OSDW was great. Enough can't be said about Linspire and the other sponsors. The workshop went smoothly and was professionally run. If you are one of the Linspire naysayers or have preconceived notions, I'd ask you to reconsider and learn more about them. They left little doubt in my mind (and I'd guess the other attendees' minds) that they care about making a good product and love having KDE at the center of that product. From web designers to executives, I spoke with employees who are interested in working more closely KDE in the future. Expect to hear more on that topic.

Of course, personally, getting the chance to meet other KDE contributors for the first time was certainly a bonus. Doh - apparently work issues are calling. More later!


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