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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Q++ and Purchasing Power

Back in November, I made up a term called "Q++" in the kde-promo mailing list in discussing how to improve our familiarity and appeal. The idea was based on the media Q-score concept here in the States.

A recent slashdot link reminds me that life is often indistinguishable from the Onion.

Robber barons/tycoons/industrialists turned philanthropic in their latter years to both appease their guilt and to bolster their legacy and reputation for future generations. Apparently, it worked then and it works now.

Don't misinterpret me; I'm in no way condemning or minimizing the actions of the Gates Foundation. But don't ask me to discuss motive. The good news? I still believe that genuine Q++ can't be bought so easily, and as the KDE community continues to give and flourish I have little doubt how we'd fare on a "Reputation and Public Opinion Survey".


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