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Monday, September 26, 2005

Two fun things

Now, on other days I might answer peanut butter and jelly. Or the Doublemint twins.

But today it's Klik and KimDaBa. Of couse, I haven't used either, but that's never stopped me from having an opinion before.

Klik-Among other great things, it's YAATT (yet another awesome testing tool). Virtualization, NX remote sessions, live CDs and now Klik; each having a different testing forte. It's boggling to think that the outgoing 4.0 code could eradicate the standard "buggy milestone release" mentality. That's it, I'm going to run val/cachegrind on a cppunit case of a qtunit case of code on a Klik application through NX of a live CD running in a XEN virtualized environment running on a second live CD. I'll tell you how it goes.

KimDaBa-Not in love with the name, not sure how it'll differentiate itself with Tenor or other general meta searches in the future. But from what I've seen it's got a simple intuitive interface thus far - nicely done. More importantly I love the initial flash demos I've just seen. A great first swing! Simple, straightforward, just a bit of humor, and broken into logical features. Already, it seems to me that it wouldn't be imposing at all for brand new KimDaBa users to watch those videos.

Imagine in the not to distant future some KDE some application certification process. You know that for documentation, application-based help, web-based help and multimedia help are going to be expected in various forms. I'd love to sit down users in front of those videos and find out in their own words how it helps. Good work! (and by extension, good work to those like Physos for pushing forward with such technologies).

i'm now off to find some peanut butter and jelly.


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