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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Hip to be Square

Microsoft has unleashed a new site to discuss their upcoming Vista Gadgets.

Rich media gadgets and blogging. Why don't we ever think of these things?

To combat this "cool" arms race, the Plasma team will be wearing sunglasses at all times. A team tattoo appears to be in the works. MC P0z3r is working on the rap anthem "Supah Karambah".

Nonetheless, I'd encourage everyone to spend some time reading about MS's announcements at their Professional Developers Conference with an open (hard) and critical (easy) mindset. Press releases abound at this time of year, and it's a good time for everyone to do a mental competitive analysis for their field of interest on what's getting better and worse.

I'd love to hear objective feedback from the Appeal and Usability teams on Office 12 and Vista screenshots.

The software pricetags suddenly seem sensible when you realize they're including a 21" flat panel to handle all that wasted real estate.


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