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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Seven horsemen appear on the horizon

And is anyone terrified? Terrified as a potential captive user: possibly. Terrified as a competitor: possibly not.

To be more clear, Paul Thurrott is speculating and postulating about forthcoming Windows Vista versions, and hopefully you have your slide-ruler and aspirin ready.

If true, 15-year old electronic store employees could have less than 18 months to master Vista version nuances in their quest to push new PCs and extremely valuable insurance service plans. I weep for the future.

Admiral Akbar is telling me it's a trap, and I'm not convinced either way. With closed source comes closed tactics. What in the Wide World of Sports is Microsoft thinking with each new Vista development? Dropping features and adding chaos. Will Zack Rusin be putting DRM into Xegl to restrict true HD content just to compete?

As with the console wars, we have three parties with fairly major desktop/OS releases planned in roughly the same time frame. Can KDE really be in the passing lane?


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